The Feet People

Enjoy each step

The Feet People Podiatry offer clinical, home visit, or aged care podiatry services. Located outside the Brisbane CBD in Newmarket, QLD 4051, The Feet People service extends to the Toowoomba and Sydney regions.

If you have sore feet, we can help! Come visit us in Newmarket or Toowoomba clinics or we can come to you in your home.

We offer products such as orthotics, bracing, and footwear.

Book online or call (07) 3356 3579.


We are The Feet People so you don't have to be! Our vibrant podiatry team prevent, treat, and rehabilitate lower limb conditions.

We assist our clients to implement and align podiatry solutions with the outcomes they wish to achieve. With our main goal central to our work, have you leaving with a smile.

You'll be glad you let The Feet People look after your feet!



The Feet People empower people for a lifetime of enjoyment through each step of their journey.

Core Values


We ensure our clients feel valued and receive adequate education to make informed decisions about what podiatry solutions are aligned with the outcomes they wish to achieve. 


We value the community we create with our dedicated team, partners, and professional community.


A commitment to implementing innovative podiatry care solutions to enrich our clients lives.  


Dedicated to providing our clients with a superior standard of podiatry care.


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