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The Feet People Podiatry offer clinical, home visit, or aged care podiatry services. Located outside the Brisbane CBD in Newmarket, QLD 4051, The Feet People service extends to the Toowoomba and Sydney regions.

If you have sore feet, we can help! Come visit us in Newmarket or Toowoomba clinics or we can come to you in your home.

We offer products such as orthotics, bracing, and footwear.

Book online or call (07) 3356 3579.

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Biomechanical Podiatry

The Feet People podiatry team utilise fundamental human movement and biomechanical principles to assess and treat lower limb conditions for all ages. 

Biomechanical podiatry treatment aims to optimise lower limb and foot function leaving you feeling comfortable and balanced.

Footwear and orthtoics are an integral component of biomechanical podiatry.

Contact our staff today to find out how our podiatry team can assist with your biomechanical and footwear needs.  

You'll be glad The Feet People looked after your feet.

3D Foot Scan & orthotics

3D Foot Scan & orthotics

Orthotic example

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