The Feet People

Enjoy each step

The Feet People Podiatry offer clinical, home visit, or aged care podiatry services. Located outside the Brisbane CBD in Newmarket, QLD 4051, The Feet People service extends to the Toowoomba and Sydney regions.

If you have sore feet, we can help! Come visit us in Newmarket or Toowoomba clinics or we can come to you in your home.

We offer products such as orthotics, bracing, and footwear.

Book online or call (07) 3356 3579.

Ethical Aged care

Considering another provider?

Some questions worth investigating: 

  • How many treatments is your podiatrist performing in one day?
  • How much time is your podiatrist spending with residents?
  • Are they offering podiatry or just cutting toenails?
  • Are your clinical staff left to deal with multiple wounds following a podiatry visit?
  • Do the visiting podiatrist's walk the walk?

The Feet People ethical aged care service delivers podiatry and foot care solutions for funded and non-funded aged care organisations across Australia.

Why us?

No over servicing

Clinical podiatry treatment based on clinical need.

Quality & regular Podiatry staff

Our podiatry team are on site regularly to ensure resident's are not at risk of clinical complications from extended waiting times for service.

Quality time

Our podiatry team focus on quality over quantity. Our quality is reflected in the time we spend with resident's and clinical staff while on site. 

podiatry scope of practice

More than just a glorified pedicure service. Why pay for podiatrist to perform a pedicure that can be managed by a podiatry team of professionals? The podiatry team can integrate with the OT team to optimise foot health outcomes. 

Safe sterilisation practices

Our team consisting of a compliance manager and sterilization technicians ensure compliance to Australian Standards (AS/NZS4815).

Education portal

Education portal for your existing staff to up skill or new staff to learn during their induction.


Dedicated staff and system (iPROLIVE) to manage our organisation's compliance.


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